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DarkPi: State of Development (2019) —

(Last updated 2019.12.19)

Why DarkPi?

Most currently available general computing technology breaks when you shut off the internet.

The DarkPi is decentralized-first open source software on open development hardware, and we consider the niche it aims to fill a necessary step for the success of Walkaway-type projects, neighborhood emergency response networks, and exploration both onworld and off.

What is DarkPi?

An open mesh communications device with distributed file storage.

(line art of cybredecks, circa 2019, source unknown)

The form factor is sometimes called a “cybredeck” after the portable computers in the Sprawl Trilogy and/or the Shadowrun device, and this particular one (the DarkPi) is intended to be customized, upgraded, and maintained by the end user.

How to make DarkPi?

You’ll need a keyboard of some sort, a Raspberry Pi (or other Debian-ish Linux computer), an SD card (we recommend picking something from the 2019 SDHC benchmarks), and the willingness to tinker with the command line.

Current schematics, software, and parts are scattered throughout the shop/office, and trascribing and public release of the currently-mostly-paper documentation is a 2020 goal, for both backers (early access) and the general public.

Purchasing a DarkPi?

Beta units are available for purchase via the commissions shop.

A round of public crowdfunding is planned for the end of 2019.Q4, and our business plan timeline is targeting a 2020.Q3 soft release date.

Our goal is to offer packaged DarkPi core units alongside three pluggable modules for the 2020 holiday gift season, however, progress will depend primarily on funding.

All funds received (after money processing fees, local and regional taxes, etc) are used for development, either directly to purchase parts, or indirectly to ensure that the engineer(s) are fed, watered, and occasionally see the out-of-doors via something other than the security cameras.

Is the DarkPi legal?

To the best of our knowledge, the device paradigm we’ve developed is completely, totally legal.

As history will attest, legal does not necessarily mean “right”, and we strive to do technology in a way that is sustainable, uplifting and enabling towards the user, and in compliance with regulations.

We respectfully maintain that encryption, privacy, and ownership of data is a human right, and this device is a platform for ensuring those rights are preserved as the world careens towards fascism once again.

Community Commitment
& Code of Conduct

We, the entities doing DarkPi shyte, commit to minimizing technical debt, providing accessible platforms for the marginalized, and intentionally facilitating healthy communication between professionals, peers, and equals.

Our policy is zero-tolerance towards fascists, ‘Phobes of all kinds, and neo-nazis in particular.
This applies to all spaces within our sphere of influence.

The previously mentioned categories of perspective, and all individuals who hold to them, are expressly prohibited from retrieving, interacting with, learning from, or gaining benefit from this project.

We conduct ourselves with kindness.
We conduct ourselves with acceptance.
We conduct ourselves with logical consistency.

Our commitment to solidarity is an act of ongoing defiance against the systems that seek to further marginalize the most vulnerable.

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