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Mission Statement —

The mission of the DarkPi project is to create a modular self healing wireless darknet. This project is still in the theoretical stages, but you are welcome to discuss, suggest, and critique the project.

All information on this site is free and openly available to anyone, and may be used in a similar way by anyone who wants to. If you use the information here somewhere else, a link showing DarkPi as the source would be appreciated.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Do you have any background in masters level or above computer science and dynamic routing theory?
    Are you aware how poorly mesh protocols map to current internet usage patterns?

    I’m happy to discuss this in some detail as it is a large part of my doctoral thesis but I see the cargo cultism associated with ‘mesh networking’ as somewhat alarming. Like everything within the networking domain there is no zero point energy mechanism – it’s a clear (almost) zero sum game of trading off responsiveness for throughput.
    (Note: I include robustness as an element of responsiveness – think about it a little to determine why)

    Not withstanding a novel new RF technology or a significant infrastructure merging of mesh with traditional ‘hub and spoke’ end points mesh is relegated to very niche areas such as military and low performance backup mechanisms.

    However, I’m always keen to see what others are doing as the technology is still very interesting and enabling in niche areas (e.g. traffic self organisation, shopping, military, sensor nets, etc). But majority of these scenarios are usually leveraging the geospatial mobility of the consumer as they move near services – NOT – the delivery of data between two static nodes separated by a large number of hops)

    • jakimfett says:

      I’m afraid that I don’t have quite your level of technical expertise on this subject.

      I’m considering mesh networking because that is what was recommended to me by a university professor who has used them to successfully do (on a small scale) exactly what I am trying to do here. I am more than willing to consider any and all alternatives…the point of this project is research, learning, and internet freedom, not a die-hard commitment to a specific technology.

      I get what you’re saying about the difference between what this project is intended to do (a functional darknet) and what mesh networks are “supposed” to be for. I would also like to point out that history is full of people who made a difference because they said “Hey, what if we took this technology, and did something we’re not supposed to with it?”