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DarkPi:Trio – beta design release info —

There’s a new toy about to be available to anyone who wants it (and can follow my slightly-lacking-in-some-areas drawings and assembly instructions).


It’s called the DarkPi:Trio, and it’s the result of several years of thought and effort.
Today’s release is prompted by my impending homelessness¬†and a desire to make information free for anyone.


Please pirate my design and make it better.

(or, support my efforts to fix the world)

Want to see what it’s running on the backend?

Go take a look at the dev branch of functions.sh, it’s all going in there.


Three raspberry pi systems connect to a USB 3.1 hub, a Hex router from Mikrotik, and a long range mesh networking and comms array. A trio of vape battery cells and a half dozen supercapacitors apiece ensure that the device can gracefully deal with brownouts and external power loss.

The three physical devices perform cross-checks and aggressively re-deploy (using a script-assembled SD card image written to the “OS” portion of the system partition(s)) if any weirdness or corruption is detected. As long as at least one of the three systems is online, the user experience doesn’t degrade under light to medium load.

The raspi units (and modular bits, eg the USB hub) are intended to be hot-swappable, but I encourage you to avoid unplanned power loss for the sake of your SD cards.

The DP:T is just a computer core.
But it’s a computer core for a reason.
Stay tuned for more updates.


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