system interfaces for humans, by humans

We use technology to communicate, to work together, and to entertain

(among other important functions)

yet we are often limited far short of these basic goals.

Technology promises to give us tools for life and save us time,
but cannot objectively be said to deliver on these promises.

We spend far too much time repeating convoluted steps trying to get reliable results from rapidly changing technology, and our many uses of technology for systemic exploitation raise deep questions of ethics and professional conduct.

Even where there are means of control and security, these critical functions by default are hidden in layers of technical jargon, inaccessible or unavailable to the nontechnical or less privileged individual, and mired by the user’s own fear of breaking a fragile (but working) system by attempting to make it better.

Using axioms of current system methodologies, e.g. “do one thing well”, it is possible to assemble a set of logical principles for a modern system, but no such system exists where the functional needs of users are thoroughly considered and systemically met.

Solving these systemic problems represent the focus of this project – namely, the creation of a cohesive, health-and-accessibility-first computing interface system.

Interested in aiding development?

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