Modular meshnets with single-board computing.

Why we need secure, distributed computing connected via ad-hoc self-healing meshnets.

The internet is no longer free (if it ever was), and
everything you do online is tracked, logged, and reported
to increasingly greedy and authoritarian government bureaucracies.

We live in a society where,
for the ever-growing marginalized populations,
a thoughtless comment
in meatspace,
on social media or a forum
may result in government retribution such as fines, imprisonment,
torture, mutilation, and permadeath.

The Dar]{Pi™ is a line of personal portable devices for Walkaway.

The term “DarkPi” refers categorically to any
secure, efficient, modular, ruggedized,
network absence & delay-tolerant portable based on
the Raspberry Pi single-board computer
and the functions.sh scripts.

The original concept:
A Raspberry Pi inside a weather-resistant enclosure
with battery and renewable energy recharging options,
an aggressive power efficiency controller,
and a long range wifi antenna.

Add an intrusion detection system,
and configure the system to connect
with any in-range open wireless hotspot.

Then connect and safely interact with the internet
using the DarkPi as a bridge.

~ jakimfett, circa 2012

The hoped for result: A wide scale, easy to deploy darknet that can provide easy communication in case of disaster, carrier specific filtering of sites, or even the need for anonymity, such as in a hostile country.

The hardware under consideration is low cost (targeting a sub-$60USD total for parts), assembles intuitively, and as durable as can be expected for devices made from glass bits.

~ jakimfett, circa 2019

Interested in aiding development?

Open a pull request, commission a first-run DarkPi,
or browse the NuneCo Projects page
for other ways to contribute to our progress.