Dark Pi

Raspberry Pi based self healing modular darknet


Imagine a world where the internet is no longer free. Imagine a world where everything you do online is tracked, logged, and reported. Imagine a world where a thoughtless comment on a forum could get you fined, imprisoned, or even killed.

We aren’t there yet, and I hope we never are. But even in a brighter future, imagine free wifi anywhere in a major city. Imagine having slow but reliable communication with the outside world, even in the event of an emergency.

These futures are both potential environments for the application of self healing wireless mesh networks. Enter DarkPi, a conceptual device based on the Raspberry Pi.

The general concept: Package a Raspberry Pi with a lithium ion battery, a solar panel, an induction charger, a charging regulator, and a long range wifi antenna. Add an open source IDS such as the Bro IDS or Samhain. Configure so that it integrates to any open wifi hotspot within range.

The hoped for result: A wide scale, easy to deploy darknet that can provide easy communication in case of disaster, carrier specific filtering of sites, or even the need for anonymity, such as in a hostile country. The hardware under consideration is low cost, fairly simple to assemble, and hopefully fairly durable.

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