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Byzantium —

A day or two ago, a comment was posted linking to a project very similar to this one. It’s called ‘Project Byzantium‘, and it’s aiming to create a bootable OS that allows easy creation of a wireless mesh network. While I intend to continue moving forward with my research, I will be taking a hard […]

IPv6 and HTTPS —

With the World IPv6 launch yesterday, there has been a lot of attention and a lot of activity on the process of getting sites IPv6 ready and enabled. As of 10am PST, this site has an IPv6 address, and depending on if your DNS server has updated yet, you can view the site entirely over […]

CALEA Compliance —

A recent comment called my attention to a law called the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act. Thanks David, I hadn’t even considered the possibility of hardware backdoors compromising the intents of this project. My thoughts on CALEA (Wikipedia article, EFF article) First, the intent of the darknet is to make any sort of tracking […]

Router Firmware and other things —

I recently had a conversation about the project with one of Oregon State University’s teachers. He had a lot of good suggestions, starting with an idea for the router. He suggested finding a router that supports DDWRT, a linux based router firmware designed to get extreme performance out of low end devices like the the […]

Mission Statement —

The mission of the DarkPi project is to create a modular self healing wireless darknet. This project is still in the theoretical stages, but you are welcome to discuss, suggest, and critique the project. All information on this site is free and openly available to anyone, and may be used in a similar way by […]