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Hardware Acquired —

I ordered a Raspberry Pi a bit ago, and it arrived just this last week

After resolving an issue with networking (protip: make sure you use an undamaged CAT5 cable), I installed and tested a few utilities, and basically tried to see how much the hardware could take. Despite the fact that the Pi is only running at 800mhz (with 256mb of RAM) I was even able to briefly host a Minecraft server. The next step in the development process will be setting up and testing several different intrusion detection systems.

With the direction I’m taking this project, the GUI is not going to be used, so I am currently using something called Raspbian Server Edition 2.1 (RSE), which is a stripped down version of the Raspbian OS. The current version of RSE has an install size of just over 200mb.

The real gem, however, was the blog written by SirLagz, the maintainer of RSE, and specifically his post on how to turn your Raspberry Pi into an access point. While it’s not directly applicable to the current stage of development, once I start testing wireless hardware for the Pi, the walkthrough he provides will be a perfect starting point.


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  1. SirLagz says:

    Thanks for reading my blog 🙂 Hope the posts have helped. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a comment etc 🙂

    • jakimfett says:

      Thanks SirLagz, I definitely will. At the moment, I’m pretty busy with school, but I’m still playing with my Pi, and I’m hoping to post more updates once I finish moving into my new apartment.

  2. bgg says:

    Hi. I think this is a great project and just wondered if you had made any progress recently.

    • jakimfett says:

      Yes, in fact I just got ahold of a USB wireless dongle for testing the access point functionality. I had to take some time off these past few weeks due to lack of money and time, but I’m still moving forward, slowly but surely.